Useless information:
24 years old, Swedish, somewhat bitter, used to be a student of literature and popular culture and have no idea what to do with my life. But is still pretty happy with it (most of the time) even though I do complain a lot. But feel free to ignore that. I certainly try.


every 1st september we joke about getting ready for hogwarts to cover up the very real and very very deep scars of never getting our letters


i should have just stayed on broadway

Helena Bonham Carter does the Ice Bucket Challenge!

"Know thou first, I love the maid I married; never man sighed truer breath; but that I see thee here, thou noble thing, more dances my rapt heart than when I first my wedded mistress saw bestride my threshold." Coriolanus, Act IV, Scene 5.

Another 10-11 hours shift. My back, feet and arms are aching. Sometimes (all the time) it feels like it’s not worth it, but then I remember that I’m supposed to be a responsible adult who works hard, pay rent and bills, and lives a “proper life”. And that makes me sad inside and I want to curl into a ball under a blanket and listen to musicals*. And try to remind myself that there are people out there in the real world who have it a lot worse than me.

*preferable something tremendous sad like Parade. Bertie Carvel’s voice also helps. That mans singing always cheers me up. Well, perhaps not during Parade. Then you just sob and weep uncontrollable. But you know what I mean. I hope.


"Assassins" at Playwrights Horizons


"He was just a dumbass" - x


Alex Melcher as Judas, Drew Sarich as Jesus
Jesus Christ Superstar - July 2014, München

The conference is almost finished, all I have to do now is clean up, pack all of our material and stuff. Then I will go home, sleep all Saturday, listen to Taboo five hundreds time and dread about working on Sunday at the fruit place. Yay!

  1. me: *owns 264 unread books*
  2. me: *buys 17 new books*
  3. me: *rereads harry potter*