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24 years old, Swedish, somewhat bitter, used to be a student of literature and popular culture and have no idea what to do with my life. But is still pretty happy with it (most of the time) even though I do complain a lot. But feel free to ignore that. I certainly try.

Frankenstein (1931)

"You have created a monster, and it will destroy you!"


Musical meme | [4/10] musicals

Tanz der Vampire


over the hills and far away, a misty mountain hop. photos by michal karckz


Raúl’s Birthday Surprise

As some of you may know, the wonderful and talented Raúl Esparza’s birthday is coming up next week, on October 24th. In his honor there is currently a charity fundraiser over on crowdrise for ASTEP.

Artist’s Striving To End Poverty was started by one of Raúl’s close friends and endeavors to connect disadvantaged youth with the arts to help break the cycle of poverty. Raúl is on the honorary board and regularly shows his support for this cause, performing at benefits and such as this one, which features some beautiful Spanish singing.

The fundraiser has just passed the halfway mark, if you can spread the word that would be wonderful, and if you’re able to contribute a little something as a birthday present and thank you to Raúl you can do so here.


Halloween Book Recommendations:

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stephenson.


"Birth to My Creation" from FRANKENSTEIN: The Musical

Performed by Hunter Foster and Ensemble in the off-broadway production.  One of my personal favorite songs from the show.

Me and my friend took a small pub crawl last night, had a couple of beers at each place, and now I’m all foggy and sleepy. I always get tired of beer and wine, and the hangovers put me in a sort of slow and sluggish state. I prefer to drink hard liquor and mixed drinks, but can’t afford anything but beer and cider right now. But I don’t have to be at the fruit place today, got a call on Friday from my manager saying that the shift has been filled and I don’t have to work. Ah the marvellous circumstances of being employed by the hour. So I took a chance to go out and drink on a Saturday night without dreading of working the next day. We had a very good time even though it rained all night and every place was packed and crowded. I had hoped it wouldn’t be that much people out, being the last weekend before payday. But you always have some money left for alcohol. It’s funny what you decide to priorities. Next week will probably be worse, folks always seem to go extra crazy when they finally get their salary and can drink up the earnings right away. Now I’m just going to rest, nourish my hangover with tea and sandwiches (and perhaps some more alcohol, I’ve got some crème liquor, I could make a warm milk drink) and listen to Frankenstein the musical and anything with Raúl Esparza on repeat. Imagine getting drunk with Raúl that would be hilarious! This is what my mind conjures up when I’m hangover and drowsy…

The music played in most places last night was rather awful and extremely loud. My friend doesn’t really like any form of rock music that much, so we didn’t go to any rock-bars which I usually attend. Why can’t there be any musicals bars/night clubs?


Tiny Will and Tiny Hannibal with Alana!


Never forget Frederick Chilton waxing poetic about Clarice Starling (in chapter 27 of The Silence of the Lambs).

West End’s Urinetown [x]