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24 years old, Swedish, somewhat bitter, used to be a student of literature and popular culture and have no idea what to do with my life. But is still pretty happy with it (most of the time) even though I do complain a lot. But feel free to ignore that. I certainly try.
Artist:Unknown The Butterbeer Experience
Title: UnknownThe Peverell Story
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ϟ Wizard Rock 101 with Amanda ϟ

9. The Peverell Story - The Butterbeer Experience


The one where you and I are together.


current mood: Raúl Esparza tripping over things


September Book Photo Challenge: Day Five
Book stack - Because who doesn’t love Neil Gaiman?


Raúl Esparza - Taboo Rehearsals 


No comment indeed (source)


Jo Jung Suk as Mickey and Jang Seung Jo as Eddie in Blood Brothers, performing “Long Sunday Afternoon/My Friend.”


Today’s the day, don’t disappoint me now Sweden…

If I could just go back… if I could rub everything out… starting with myself.